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Ape TM Platform

The most widely sold and multipurpose version in the range, the magic wand capable of answering any transport need. Within the compact dimensions hides an impressive payload capacity: in the platform version, Ape TM can carry up to 700 Kg in total reliability, with its choice of fuel efficient diesel and petrol engines. Ape TM can be driven with an A or B class driver's license, and is also available as a chassis version for outfitting with special equipment.

  • Handlebar Model:

RRP £6,879 OTR (Petrol) £7,587 OTR (Diesel) - Petrol £5,754.44 ex VAT* Diesel £6,344.44 ex VAT*


  • Steering Wheel Model:

RRP £7,160 OTR (Petrol) £8,660 OTR (Diesel) - Petrol £5,988.52 ex VAT* Diesel £7,238.33 ex VAT*

*includes 12 months RFL

220 cc 2 stroke / 422 cc 4 stroke
Fuel system
petrol / diesel
Maximum power
7.5 kW at 5.000 rpm / 9.0 kW at 4.500 rpm
Cooling system
air / liquid
Max. speed
64 Km/h / 65 Km/h
Front: 4.00 12C 6PR 78J Rear: 125 R12C 81J
Kerb Weight 1.270 Km
3175 mm/3210 mm/3225 mm/3390 mm
1480 mm/1500 mm/1530 mm
1630mm / 1780mm
2170 mm (handlebar), 2130 mm (steering wheel)
Volume of cargo
2.5 m3


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